Japanese Knotweed Insurance

Japanese Knotweed Insurance is now available directly to the public via Grafton Insurance. Working exclusively in partnership with Countrywide Legal Indemnities we now have a  policy specifically designed to insure against the event of customers discovering Japanese Knotweed at their property.  This policy is particularly beneficial where a property is being sold/bought now that there is a specific question on Japanese Knotweed during pre-contract enquiries (Law Society β€œTA6β€³ form).

Japanese Knotweed is an invasive plant that must be tackled correctly – this insurance brings comfort and an effective solution to rid properties of this scourge. This policy takes away any fear and potential expense and exposure from any claim made by an adjoining owner in relation to knotweed spreading into their land.

Japanese Knotweed

For a one time premium this Japanese Knotweed Insurance Policy gives a  full 10 year period  of cover for:

  • the cost of obtaining a full survey report from a Japanese Knotweed Treatment specialist to establish a claim, with the prior written consent of the Underwriters
  • treatment costs incurred by the Insured in respect of necessary treatment to eradicate the existence of and prevent reoccurrence of Japanese Knotweed at the Property
  • repair and restoration costs in respect of damage caused to the Property
  • legal defence expenses, including legal and expert costs, charges and expenses incurred in the investigation, settlement, adjustment or defence of any claim made against the Insured by a third party affected by the spread of Japanese Knotweed discovered at the Property
  • any other costs and expenses directly incurred by the Insured with the written consent of the Insurers

Please contact us on 01932 450154 or email us at  jk@graftoninsurance.co.uk for a  tailored confidential quotation.

There have been many stories, news articles, video and television shows that have highlighted the menace of Japanese Knotweed.

If you are worried about the future threat of knotweed on your property this policy is for you. This Japanese Knotweed Insurance policy will respond immediately to allow specialist contractors to move in to  ensure that any potential blight on your property is minimised.


UK Japanese knotweed map by Environet UK Ltd – Copyright 2019