Trade Credit Insurance and Political Risk Insurance cover delivered to you by Grafton.  Thank you for visiting this page.  Through utilisation of Lloyds of markets and Company markets both in the UK and internationally, we can deliver a multitude of solutions to minimise your risk of default, protracted default or insolvency of your partners or investments while maximising your capital balance sheets and often improving companies ratings with Ratings Agencies.

Political risk solutions that covers expropriation (creeping or otherwise), war, civil disturbance to name but a few, particularly in the international arenas of sub Saharan Africa and beyond where these are a specialism and we welcome your enquires.

We have facilities to offer short tenor UK credit risks to large nationals that require long tail project cover in the $millions. We welcome your call, where we can guide you through available options while keeping dialogue in simple terms rather than “insurance speak”.

Telephone:  +44 (0)1932 450154

Frequently asked questions:

What is covered with Trade Credit Insurance?
This form of insurance  covers a supplier against the potential
risk of non-payment of services or goods by their buyers either on
a domestic basis or internationally (export risk) by specific perils.

What is covered with Political Risk Insurance?
This follows  similar pattern to credit insurance above but crucially
insures the risk of non-payment through no fault of the buyer or indeed,
the seller, such as war or terrorism and money cannot be transferred through
countries. Political risk insurance is not usually covered within a domestic
Credit insurance risk, hence the distinction.